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Force 5  Sailboats       2010  

         Force 5 Sailboats                

        Numerical Parts List       
Part #   Description List 2010    
W00001   Bow Handle $27.50    
W00002   Nylon Fairleads (4) $18.50    
W00003   Control Line Clams (6) $32.65    
W00004   S/S Backing Plates (2) Trunk Top $24.00    
W00004A   Hiking Strap Plate pre '93 $11.80    
W00005   Cockpit Drain Unit $27.50    
W00005A   Cockpit Drain Flap $8.00    
W00005B   Cockpit Drain Ball and Seal $4.50    
W00006   Transom Drain Unit $10.25    
W00006A   Transom Drain Plug $3.60    
W00007   Hiking Strap $42.00    
W00008   Hiking Strap Eyestrap $9.90    
W00009   Line Pakage Complete $46.00    
W00010   Prestretch Control Lines (5) $25.90    
W00010A   Prestretch Control Line stock per foot $0.70    
W00010B   Spectra 1/8" stock per foot $1.00    
W00011   Main Sheet Trophy Braid $25.50    
W00012   Tiller Prevent Line $3.50    
W00013   Rudder Gudgeon Bracket '93 and on $45.00    
W00014   Hexaratchet Block Base '77 and on $39.95    
W00015   Hexaratchet Mainsheet Block '77 and on $79.70    
W00016   Cam Cleats (2) for traveler $54.00    
W00017   Bullet Blocks (2) for boom $46.00    
W00018   Bullet Block w/ becket on traveler $25.75    
W00019   Traveler Track '93 and on $44.00    
W00020   Traveler Car Only '93 and on $120.90    
W00021   Traveler end caps $6.60    
W00022   Double Bullet Block (2) for vang $69.00    
W00023   Wire Bullet Block for vang $16.65    
W00024   Bullet w/ Becket for vang $15.15    
W00025   Eye Strap (2) for traveler lines $4.80    
W00026   Hexaratchet Swivel Base w/ Cam $112.55    
W00027   Mast Complete w/ Hardware $420.00    
W00028   Mast Top Section w/ Fittings $92.00    
W00029   Mast Mid Section w/ Fittings $135.00    
W00030   Mast Lower Section w/ Hardware $215.00    
W00031   3" Mast / Vang Control Ring w/ strap & screws 33.50    
W00032   Upper Mast Cap $9.75    
W00032A   Zipper Sail Upper Spar Cap w/ Fairlead $10.41    
W00033   Upper Mast Union and Plug Kit $19.50    
W00034   Mid Mast Union and Plug Kit $26.50    
W00035   Lower Mast Plug $15.00    
W00036   Boom Complete (except for blocks, shackles) $260.00    
W00037   Twist Shackles for Boom Blocks (set of 2) $35.70    
W00038   Boom / Vang Bail (mast or boom is the same)) $15.00    
W00039   Vang Shackle (replaces S-hook on vang bail) $18.50    
W00040   Vang Wire Kit $9.00    
W00041   Outhaul Wire Kit with Outhaul Block (requires tools) $26.50    
W00042   Outhaul System: Car, Track , End Stop and Rivets  $37.50    
W00043   Fwd Boom Plug @ Gooseneck '93 and on (cast delrin) $17.50    
W00044   Outhaul Hook $18.00    
W00045   Gooseneck and Bracket '93 and on (1/2") $49.90    
W00046   Gooseneck pre '93 Stainless Steel (3/8") $19.00    
W00047   Fwd Boom Plug @ Gooseneck pre '93 (alum. casting) $46.00    
W00048   Gooseneck Bracket pre '93 (does not include g. neck) $25.00    
W00049   Boom End Plug, Aft, w/ Wire Sheave '93 and on $22.00    
W00050   Mainsail, 2011 High Lift White w/ battens and bag $535.00    
W00051   Set of Battens pre '93 $28.00    
W00052   Set of Battens '93 and on $28.00    
W00053   Sail Numbers (Choice of Color)each $6.00    
W00054   Force 5 Junior/Recreational Sail w/ battens/bag $475.00    
W00054A   Mid Mast Upper Plug for Sail Conversion $12.50    
W00055   Force 5 Junior/Recreational Battens $22.00    
W00056   Custom Colored Sails INQUIRE    
W00057   Splash Coaming, Finished (Mahogany) $165.00    
W00058   Splash Coaming, Unfinished (Mahogany) $128.00    
W00058A   Splash Coaming "feather" joint (unfinished) $18.00    
W00060   Thwart Seat, Finished (Mahogany) $235.00    
W00061   Thwart Seat, Unfinished (Mahogany) $180.00    
W00062   Tiller Finished (Ash) $82.00    
W00063   Tiller Unfinished (Ash) $58.00    
W00064   Daggerboard Finished (Mahogany) $290.00    
W00065   Daggerboard Unfinished (Mahogany) $230.00    
W00066   Nylon Board Stop $5.00    
W00068   Rudder Blade Finished (Mahogany) $185.00    
W00069   Rudder Blade Unfinished (Mahogany) $145.00    
W00071   Tiller Extension X-10 Ronstan 30" $52.81    
W00071A   Universal Tiller Extension Joint Neoprene $11.95    
W00072A   Rudder Casting, Force 5  X-Stream Alum 1/2" $138.00    
W00072B   Rudder Casting, Force 5  X-Stream Alum 3/8" $138.00    
W00073   Rudder Springs (set of 2) $21.00    
W00074   Rudder Spring Post $7.25    
W00075   Rudder Bolt 3/8"x 5"Stainless(replaces 3/8" pintle) $5.50    
W00076   Tiller Straps and Bolts $37.92    
W00077   Rudder Casting Bolt 1/4 " x 2" $1.70    
W00078   Tiller Bolt $1.70    
W00079   Nylon Ferrules (2) Rudder Bolt Bearings $1.40    
W00080   Trunk Gasket (Neoprene) $20.00    
W00081   Mini Shackle for block attachments $3.25    
W00082   Outhaul Wire Exit Box and Sheave '93 on (Fwd Boom) $26.79    
W00083   Traveler Complete $188.00    
W00084   Vang Block System Complete with Spectra $101.00    
W00084A   Vang System 1977 on Upgrade Kit w/ ring, s-hook, line, cleats $148.88    
W00085   Outhaul Block (under boom on wire) $10.05    
W00086   Tiller Complete w/ straps and Ronstan Extension $180.00    
W00089   Rudder Gudgeon Bracket pre '93 (transom) $27.83    
W00090   Rudder Pintle and Spring Kit pre '93 3/8" $23.00    
W00090A   Spring for pintle pre '93  2 7/8" pre '93 $7.25    
W00090B   Pintle Shim (WASHER)  3/8"  X 5/8" pre '93 $0.60    
W00090C   Cotter Pin for pintles $0.22    
W00090D   Pintle Retaining Ring pre 93 $0.30    
W00091   Rudder Pintle and Spring Kit '93 on 1/2" $30.00    
W00092   Nylon Washers for Rudder Casting or Tiller (set of 2) $3.50    
W00093   Boat Cover (assorted colors) $260.00    
W00094   Bottom Cover (choice of color) $230.00    
W00097   6" Inspection Port $17.80    
W00098   5" Inspection Port $14.50    
W00099   4" Inspection Port $12.50    
W00103   Mast Step Repair Kit  $170.00    
W00104     White Gel Coat 1 pint (on site pick up only) $24.00    
W00105    Gel Coat Repair Color Match Kit  $44.20    
W00106   "An Introduction to FORCE 5 Sailing" Manual (3rd Edition) $12.00    
W00107   Force 5 Seitech Dolly $475.00    
W00109   Zipper Mainsail w/ battens for Halyard Rigs $635.00    
W00110   Zipper Jr./Rec. Sail w/ battens for Halyard Rigs $575.00    
W00111   Zipper Sail Halyard, Cleat and Fairlead Kit $35.00    
W00112   Boom End Plug, Aft, w/ Wire Sheave pre '93 $37.50    
W00115   Delrin Ball Bearings for all Travelers $9.20    
W00116A   4" Inspection Port w/ Barnie Bag $18.30    
W00116B   5" Inspection Port w/ Barnie Bag $19.50    
W00116C   6" Inspection Port w/ Barnie Bag $21.00    
W00117   Frederiksen 60mm super main sheet block $142.70    
W00117A   Frederiksen 75mm ultimate main sheet block $185.00    
W00118    North Sails Standard Sail Bag $30.00    
W00119   Trailer Bunk Template, Forward $6.00    
W00120   Trailer Bunk Template, Aft $6.00    
W00121   "Gold Fleet" Three Sleeve Spar Bag $140.00    
W00122   "Gold Fleet" Blade Bag (Fits Rudder,Tiller,Daggerboard) $165.00    
W00123   Force 5 Aft Deck Graphics (Brush Stroke) $190.00    
W00124   Force 5 Hull Side Graphics (set of 2) $110.00    
W00126   Junior Mast Complete (custom flex control) $320.00    
W00127   Junior Mast Upper Section (see W00126) $150.00    
W00129   Junior Mast Lower Section (see W000127) $210.00    
W00130   Mainsheet, New England Regatta Lite Racing 5/16" $19.00    
W00131   Control LInes Mini V Vectran 3/16" (set of 5) $38.00    
W00132   Pre '1977 Boom Fiddle Block(main sheet) $57.30    
W00133   Pre '1977 Fiddle Block w/ becket and Cam(main sheet) $134.25    
W00134   Pre 93 Butterfly Clam Cleats (2) $24.00    
W00135   Harken 2.25 Hexaratchet (small main sheet block) $67.30    
W00136   Super Carbon Control Line Cams and Guides( 6)  $189.60    
W00137   Super Carbon V-Cleats (set of 6) $41.82    
W00138   Spectra Outhaul Wire Replacement (no block) $13.50    
W00139   Spectra Vang Wire Replacement $5.00    
W00140   FSE Robline Racing Lite Main Sheet 5/16" $44.00    
W00141   FSE Race Pro Lite Light Air Main Sheet 1/4" $38.75    
W00142   Mini line spool  2mm $17.00    
W00143   Mini line spool 3mm $17.00    
W00144   Colored Gel Coats (on site pick up only) INQUIRE    
W00145   West System  Epoxy Maxi Repair Kit $32.70    
W00146   West System Epoxy  Qt set up $53.60    
W00147   West System Epoxy Gal set up $133.22    
W00148   West System Pump Kit $13.60    
W00149   Daggerboard Trunk Springs Pre '93 $15.00    
W00151   Davis Air Flow Tell Tales $7.99    
W00152   Sail Repair "Buttons / Squares" $7.00    
W00155   Pre 1977 V-Jam Overhead Vang System Upgrade w/ line, s-hook $62.25    
W00155A   Pre 1977 V-Jam Vang fiddle $29.55    
W00155B   Pre 1977 double Vang w/ becket $27.30    
W00156   West System Epoxy Mini Repair Kit $13.00    
W00157   Davis Black Max Wind Indicator $30.99    
W00158   "S"  Hook  (stainless) $2.50    
W00159   Battlestick by Ronstan Carbon Extension 32" $75.48    
W00161   Plastimo Iris 100 Rascing Compass $142.99    
W00162   Plastimo compass spare base $20.00    
W00163   Traveler Kit Complete pre 93 $65.00    
W00164   Traveler Car pre 93 (no ball bearings) $23.00    
W00165   Traveler End Caps Pre 93 $8.50    
W00166   Traveler Track pre 93 $38.00    
W00167   Outhaul Bar and Slide Car pre 93 $20.00    
W00168   Mainsheet Fairlead Swivel and Cam (no block) $108.10    
W00169   Boom Stiffener / Block Attachment Bar pre '93 $95.00    
W00170   Aluminum Daggerboard Trunk Trim w/ rivets $10.00    
W00201   Ritchie Blue Dial Racing Compass $154.15    
W00202   Ritchie Trek Racing Compass $49.99    
W00203   Ritchie Force 5 Cockpit Compass $97.55    
W00204   Quest Compact Race Compass White $57.99    
W00205   Quest Compact Race Compass Black $57.99    
W00206   Quest Compact Race Compass Yellow $57.99    
W00207   Acme FATSO Jr carbon tiller extension $110.00    
W00208   Full Length Sail Bag (rolls the sail) $53.50    
W00209   Stopper Balls for 1/4" line (blck, wht, red, grn,blu, org, pnk, ylw) $1.50    
W00210   Team McLube Sailing Lubricant 16 oz. $17.50    
W00211   Shock Chord 3/16"  (red, blk,white, grn, blue) $0.50    
W00212   Shock Chord 1/4"  (red, blk,white, grn, blue) $0.70    
W00213   Shock Chord 5/16" (red, blk,white, grn, blue) $1.12    
W00214   Aluminum Clam Cleats w/ stopper (set of 4) $90.00    
W00215   Fairleads w/ stainless steel bushing (set of 4)  $36.00    
W00216   Stainless steel universal tiller extension joint $46.00    
W00217   Life Seal Caulk Small (white) $11.95    
W00218   Life Seal Caulk Small (clear) $11.95    
W00219   Life Seal Caulk Large (white) $22.10    
W00220   Life Seal Caulk Large (clear) $22.10    
W00301   Mahogany Rudder w/ Hdwre/Tiller & Ext. Complete $530.00    
W00302   Mahogany Rudder w/ All Hardware (no tiller) $350.00    
W00303   "Gold Fleet" Glass Composite Daggerboard $330.00    
W00304   "Gold Fleet" Glass Composite Rudder Blade $235.00    
W00305   "Adventure Bay" Rear Cockpit Storage box kit $275.00    
W00307   Preval Mini Sprayer Complete $7.50    
W00308   Super Trapezoid Mast Step Repair Kit $290.00    
W00309   Mast donut (inner hull) $18.00    
W00310   Preswaged Outhal wire kt w/ block and hook $25.00    
W00311   Zhik System Hiking Strap  $48.00    
W00312   Ronstan "Clean Start" Race Watch $120.00    
W00313   Gill Regatta Master Watch $155.00    
W00314   Skymate Windmate 200 Speed and Temp $104.99    
W00514   Force 5 T shirt $20.00    
W00515   Force 5 Baseball Hat $20.00    

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