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  W00103   Mast Step Repair Kit        170.00  
  W00308   Super Trapezoid  Mast Step Repair Kit     290.00  
  W00309   Mast Step Basin Donut, delrin (inner hull)     18.00  
  W00104     White Gel Coat 1 pint (on site pick up only)     24.00  
  W00105    Gel Coat Repair Color Match Kit      44.20  
  W00144   Colored Gel Coats (on site pick up only)          INQUIRE  
  W00306   Preval Mini Sprayer Complete       7.50  
  W00156   West System Epoxy Mini Repair Kit     13.00  
  W00145   West System  Epoxy Maxi Repair Kit     32.70  
  W00146   West System Qt Set up       53.60  
  W00147   West System Gallon Set Up       133.22  
  W00148   West System Pump Kit       13.60  
  W00217   Life Seal Caulk Small (white)       11.95  
  W00218   Life Seal Caulk Small (clear)       11.95  
  W00219   Life Seal Caulk Large (white)       22.10  
  W00220   Life Seal Caulk Large (clear)       22.10  

We've got what you need to fix your boat, be comfortable on the water and go fast !


CUSTOM  EQUIPMENT and GO FAST IDEAS:                

  W00093   Boat Cover (assorted colors)       245.00    
  W00094   Bottom Cover (choice of color)     215.00    
  W00157   Davis Black Max Wind Indicator     25.99    
  W00121   "Gold Fleet" Three Sleeve Spar Bag     130.00    
  W00122   "Gold Fleet" Blade Bag (Fits Rudder,Tiller,Daggerboard)   145.00    
  W00201   Ritchie Blue Dial Deck Racing Compass     137.96    
  W00161   Plastimo Iris Race Pro Compass(removable from base)   130.00    
  W00162   Plastimo Iris Comass spare base     20.00    
  W00203   Ritchie Force 5 Cockpit Racing Compass     87.60    
  W00202   Ritchie Trek Racing Compass       49.99    
  W00204   Quest Compact Race Compass White     57.99    
  W00205   Quest Compact Race Compass Black     57.99    
  W00206   Quest Compact Race Compass Yellow     57.99    
  W00210   Team McLube Sailng Lubricant 16 oz.      17.50    
  W00312   Ronstan Clean Start Race Watch     120.00    
  W00313   Gill Regatta Master Watch       155.00    
  W00314   Skymate Windmate 200 Speed and Temp     104.99    
  W00170 NEW ! 2011 Adventure Bay Cuddy Cockpit Storage Box KIT   275.00    
  W00097   6" Inspection Port       16.00    
  W00098   5" Inspection Port       13.50    
  W00099   4" Inspection Port       11.00    
  W00116A   4" Inspection Port w/ Barnie Bag     18.30    
  W00116B   5" Inspection Port w/ Barnie Bag     19.50    
  W00116C   6" Inspection Port w/ Barnie Bag     21.00    
      OUR BEST SELLING ITEM !          
  W000106   "An Introduction to FORCE 5 Sailing" Manual (3rd Edition) 12.00    
      44 pages written by '98 and '00 North American Champion        
  W00515   Logo embroidered sailing hat       20.00    
  W00514   T-shirt w/ logo and slogans       20.00    
  W00107   Force 5 Seitech Dolly       475.00    
  W00119   Trailer Bunk Template, Forward     6.00    
  W00120   Trailer Bunk Template, Aft       6.00    
  W00123   "Force 5" Aft Deck Graphic Brush Stroke ('94-99)   190.00    
  W00124   "Force 5" Hull Side Lettering Kit '93 and on (set of 2)   100.00    
  W00125   "Force 5" Cockpit Wall Letters '77-'92     50.00    
  OLD SCHOOL:  CLASSIC FORCE 5 PARTS 1973-1992                  
  W00134   Butterfly Control Line Clam Cleats Pre '77 (Set of 2)   23.92    
  W00149   Daggerboard Trunk Springs Pre '93     14.00    
  W00115   Delrin Ball Bearings for all Travelers     7.10    
  W00163   Traveler Kit Complete Pre '93       60.00    
  W00164   Traveler Car pre '93       20.00    
  W00165   Traveler End Caps pre '93       7.50    
  W00166   Traveler Track pre '93       40.00    
  W00132   Pre 1977 Boom Fiddle Block(main sheet)     48.79    
  W00133   Pre 1977 Fiddle Block w/ becket and Cam (main sheet)   114.05    
  W00155 complete new Pre 1977 V-Jam Overhead Vang System Complete w/ line, s-hook 62.25    
  W00155A old match Pre 1977 V-Jam Vang Fiddle block     29.55    
  W00155B old match Pre 1977 V-Jam Vang Double block w/ becket     27.30    
  W00168   Mainsheet Fairlead and Cam Swivel Base (no block)   108.10    
  W00167   Outhaul Rod slide bar w/ mount     18.00    
  W00310   PreSwaged Outhaul Wire Kit w/ Block and Stainless Outhaul Hook 25.00    
  W00216   Stainess Universal Tiller Extension      46.00    
  W00137   Super Carbon Control Line V-Cleats (set of 6)     41.82    
  W00214   Aluminum Control Line Clam Cleats (set of 6)     68.00    
  W00136 must have ! Carbon Control Line Cams and Guides (set of  6)    189.60    
  W00117   Ronstan/Frederiksen 60mm Super Main Sheet Block   142.70    
  W00117A   Ronstan/Frederiksen 75mm Ultimate Main Sheet Block   185.00    
  W00159   Tiller Extension Battlestick Carbon 32"     75.48    
  W00207   Tiller Extension Acme FATSO Carbon 32"     110.00    
  W00311   Zhik System Hiking Strap       48.00    
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  Prices are Subject to Change Without Notice.            
  Shipping and Packing are Extra.  All Items are shipped UPS or Express Mail except boats and    
  lower mast.  Common Carrier and Air Freight are used respectively.          
  Call about Fleet and Institutional Discounts or Class Membership.          
  Be sure to Inquire about Special Pricing on Demo Boats.            





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