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                              How about a New Weeks  "SERIES 3"  Force 5® sailboat for 2010



                    GO FAST IN YOUR  FORCE 5 !                Proudly Made in the USA !

                                 New Custom made Weeks  "SERIES 3"  Force 5® sailboats have arrived for 2011

Weeks Yacht Yard has been producing their new “Series 3”  hulls for several years now.  “The new hulls are stiffer and stronger than ever,” says research and development coordinator Brian Weeks.  “We’re added some more coring materials  under the front deck while removing some of the more primitive building materials that the boats still utilize.”  After spending the time to improve the molds, new boats will have a  stronger hull to deck joint and will be stiffer due to some new construction processes.  “The only thing we can’t do,” commented Weeks, “is to move towards vacuum bagging the boats, which would produce ultra light hulls.”  The new boats still weigh between 140 and 145 pounds.  That is the advertised class weight.  Weeks adheres to how important it is to keep the class strictly “one design  pure,” but realizes that people who want a quality product and want to sail fast will appreciate the strongest and stiffest hull that they can find.  “Series 3”  hulls are all that and more.  Place your order soon.   

                2011 FORCE 5 ® Sailboats: "Your Sailing Machine"  
      Standard Features:        High Performance Aluminum Spars, Class Approved Sail,    
  Harken Blocks, Cams and Traveler System,  Custom Ronstan  Tiller Extension, Top Quality    
        Hardware, Comfortable Colored Hiking Strap, Traditional Mahogany Daggerboard and Rudder,  
        Mahogany Coaming and Thwart, High Tech Line Package, Trunk Gasket and Retainer.    
    Inquire About Colors and Options     $5,950.00  
  2010 FORCE 5 Hull Only( with all Hardware)                                             $   4,500.00  
  2010 FORCE 5 Hull Only (no woodwork or hardware)                             $   3,650.00  
  Tell us you want it Equipped with the" Adventure Bay" Cockpit Locker (New for 2011 !)  

The "ADVENTURE BAY" Cockpit Locker is a new aft cockpit storage compartment that only adds to the fun and convenience of your Force 5.

It is large enough to hold your life jacket, spray top, lunch, drinks, sponge and bailer and even some spare line.  It is available in a kit form

as well.  Just go to our PARTS section for pricing.  It comes in many colors and is easily installed with a jig saw and sealant.   It does not

compromise hull integrity and does not hold water.

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WE'VE BEEN BUILDING BOATS SINCE 1898            Proudly Made in the USA !  


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