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                                       Force 5 SAIL OPTIONS

             JUNIOR SAILS STILL AVAILABLE   Junior Sails are easy.  Designed for use by smaller and younger sailors and competitors, the Force 5 Junior makes use of the lower two out of three spar sections.  The sails are also good for sailing on very windy days.  They are 62 square feet in sail area instead of the standard 91 square feet.  Sails cost $330.00 or $410.00 for a zippered halyard version.  The price includes battens and a sail bag.  These sails also come standard with a window.  For "technos" we recommend the special junior spar sections that are available.  The upper section of the junior mast is longer than a standard mid mast section and the lower section is shorter.  These custom sections successfully add proper mast bend back into the design.  Many sailors have found that the reduced sail area works even better with the redesigned mast bend concept.  The standard sail color is white but custom colors are available.


        ZIPPERED HALYARD MAINSAILS.. the easier and ..... safer way to hoist sail on your Force 5

             "AAARRRGGGGGGG !"


Get Yourself a New Force 5 Zippered Halyard Mainsail ....look at the photos below and see just how easy it is

                    Perfect for juniors and older sailors...And it's class legal, too !


         The Kit                                 Install the Fairlead                  Install the Cleat                    Set out the Sail



     Set up the Spar                Start the Halyard Through ... the Fairlead                    Hoist the Mast  .....          


   Inspect the Sail Set Up             Start to ........                  Unzip the Pocket             Tie a Bowline to the Head


                  Hoist and Zip .......    Hoist and Zip                             Start the Cleat Knot                     Cleat it Off


  Hook Up the Outhaul, etc.              GO SAILING !

 CALL US TODAY TO ORDER YOUR NEW Force 5 Zippered Mainsail ! 

                                           800-994-7747   available in full or junior size


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