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North Sails New Jersey is the manufacturer of our only trademarked / Force 5 class legal sails.

  SAILS, BATTENS, SAIL GEAR:                
  W00050   Mainsail, 2011 High Lift White w/ battens and bag   535.00  
  W00051   Set of Battens pre '93       28.00  
  W00052   Set of Battens '93 and on       28.00  
  W00053   Sail Numbers (Choice of Color) each     6.00  
  W00054   Force 5 Junior/Recreational Sail w/ battens/bag   475.00  
  W00054A   Mid Mast Upper Plug for Jr.Sail Conversion     12.50  
  W00055   Force 5 Junior/Recreational Battens     22.00  
  W00056   Custom Colored Sails                Inquire  
  W00109   Zipper Mainsail w/ battens for Halyard Rigs     635.00  
  W00110   Zipper Jr./Rec. Sail w/ battens for Halyard Rigs   575.00  
  W00032A   Zipper Sail Upper Spar Cap w/ Fairlead     10.41  
  W00111   Zipper Sail Halyard, Cleat and Fairlead Kit     35.00  
  W00151   Davis Air Flow Tell Tales       7.99  
  W00118    North Sails Standard Sail Bag        30.00  
  W00208   North Sails Full Length Sail Bag (for rolled sails)   53.50  
  W00152   Sail Repair "Buttons" / Squares     7.00  
  W00027   Mast Complete w/ Hardware       420.00  
  W00028   Mast Top Section w/ Fittings       92.00  
  W00029   Mast Mid Section w/ Fittings       135.00  
  W00030   Mast Lower Section w/ Hardware     215.00  
  W00126   Junior Mast Complete (custom flex control)     320.00  
  W00127   Junior Mast Upper Section (see W00126)     150.00  
  W00129   Junior Mast Lower Section (see W000127)     210.00  
  W00031   3" Mast / Vang Control Ring w/ strap '77 and on   33.50  
  W00032   Upper Mast Cap       9.75  
  W00033   Upper Mast Union and Plug Kit     19.50  
  W00034   Mid Mast Union and Plug Kit       26.50  
  W00035   Lower Mast Plug       15.00  
  W00036   Boom Complete (except for blocks, shackles)     260.00  
  W00037   Twist Shackles for Boom Blocks (set of 2)     35.70  
  W00038   Boom / Vang Bail (mast or boom is the same)     15.00  
  W00158   Vang attachment "S"  Hook  (stainless)     2.50  
  W00039   Vang Attach Shackle (replaces S-hook on vang bail)   18.50  
  W00040   Vang Wire Kit         9.00  
  W00139   Spectra Vang Wire Replacement     5.00  
  W00041   Outhaul Wire Kit with Outhaul Block (requires tools)   26.50  
  W00138   Spectra Outhaul Wire Replacement (no block)     13.50  
  W00042   Outhaul System: Car, Track , End Stop and Rivets '93 and on   37.50  
  W00044   Outhaul Hook (all models)       18.00  
  W00043   Fwd. Boom Plug @ Gooseneck '93 and on      17.50  
  W00045   Gooseneck and Bracket '93 and on (1/2")     49.90  
  W00049   Boom End Plug, Aft, w/ Wire Sheave '93 and on   22.00  
  PRE '93 ONLY BOOM PARTS:            
  W00046   Gooseneck pre '93 Stainless Steel (3/8")     19.00  
  W00047   Fwd. Boom Plug @ Gooseneck pre '93 (solid cast aluminum)   46.00  
  W00167   Outhaul Bar and Slide Ferrule pre '93     20.00  
  W00112   Boom End Plug, Aft, w/ Wire Sheave pre '93     37.50  
  W00169   Boom Stiffener / Block Attach Points Bar pre '93 (custom)   95.00  
  W00310   PreSwaged Outhaul Wire Kit w/ Block and Stainless Outhaul Hook 25.00  




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